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indie Bird is a husband-and-wife photography duo based in Chapel Hill, NC capturing weddings and portraits all over Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the Triangle

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Hey there – we're glad you're here. We're a husband-and-wife wedding and portrait photography duo based in Chapel Hill, NC. We photograph weddings in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area and all over the Southeast. Our shared love for photography led us to launch indie Bird in 2020.

We love dogs, deep conversations, and long walks. We also love working together, and that our work lets us get to know new people. It's a privilege to be present with couples, families, and graduates during some of life's most special moments. Helping preserve memories artfully and authentically is our privilege and our passion.

Meet Nate &Emma

Our Approach: We're here to make you feel at home – like you’re just hanging out with friends – so that we can capture candid moments that preserve special memories. We provide light posing and prompts during some parts of wedding days and portrait sessions, while at other times we'll step back and capture moments as they unfold. Through experience, we've learned when to step in and when to observe.

We're two photographers with two perspectives that work seamlessly together. Direct and reassuring, Nate is typically the first to step in and offer guidance and direction if needed. Nate's work is driven by storytelling; at weddings, you'll find him capturing candid interactions during cocktail hour and intimate moments on the dance floor. A calming presence, Emma is quick to offer gentle encouragement. Detail-oriented and observant, you'll find her crafting flat lays, making sure everyone can be seen in large family photos, and capturing guest reactions to reception speeches.

Our Style: We're inspired by the classic look and feel of film. We’ll capture your day using a combination of digital and film cameras, develop and scan your film, and edit all of your photos so that they flow seamlessly together. It becomes difficult to tell which is which! The result is a gallery that looks vibrant, yet classic, and stands the test of time. 

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